Custom Drapery For South Florida Homes

Nothing combines elegance and privacy better than Decosol custom draperies in Miami and throughout South Florida.  Our products provide a classic look with a modern twist by adding layers of texture and volume to any room in your home.  These personalized yet tasteful window coverings provide the ideal backdrop for just about any room’s décor.  Plus, the unlimited choices of drapery fabrics that we currently offer can be beautifully hand-crafted with precision when creating a design that is uniquely your own.

sheer drapery along large commercial window

blackout drapery on sliding glass door in bedroom

Why Draperies Instead of Other Window Treatments?

Draperies add charm to any room and are essential to your home’s overall character.  If you’re looking for a window treatment option that will provide your South Florida home with a timeless look, Decosol custom draperies are the answer.  After all, this option offers several practical benefits, including:

  • excellent light control
  • great insulation
  • long service life

However, you won’t have the luxury of enjoying these benefits if you don’t have them professionally designed, manufactured, and installed by a team of highly skilled and trained specialists.  If you’ve been struggling in your search for a reliable and trustworthy drapery company, then let us help you make the right decision when choosing the window coverings for your home. Our window-covering experts are available for your assistance and can help you with the requirements. If you need customized blinds or drapes, we’ll easily get that done.

Zebra Blinds

Also known as sheer shades, zebra roller shades, and zebra shades, Decosol zebra blinds have become one of our most popular items over the years.  This ultra-modern alternative to horizontal blinds consists of alternating opaque and sheer strips of fabric and can easily transition from day to night.

You can control the amount of light you let into your home or office as well as how much privacy you want. Plus, they’re available in a broad range of colors and textures, thereby giving any room or office space a more sophisticated look.  Best of all, they can be installed glass doors as well as small or large windows.

Electric or Motorized Blinds

Electric blinds or motorized blinds are another product in the Decosol line-up of extremely popular window blinds.  They feature convenience and customized controls that will make your business or home even smarter.

Whether you want to shut them off while working at your desk or secure your privacy from the couch, our electric blinds are the energy-efficient solution you need.  Additionally, our affordable maintenance and service options will keep these products operating for many years to come.

Thus, your search for the perfect blinds for your home or office ends with our wide selection. Not only will it be cost-effective, but the high-quality blinds of any design would add charm to the room. Whether you have small-sized windows or large windows, we have blinds that would fit perfectly. And our wide range of blinds can be customized.

For more information about our window blinds product line-up, call Decosol today at 305-994-7656.

Benefits of Having Draperies

While the idea of hanging draperies may seem a bit archaic or dated, their aesthetics couldn’t be more modern.  Regardless of the size of your windows and the style of your home, Decosol customized drapes tailored to your needs offer a classy, more elegant look than other window treatments.  Consider the following benefits of having custom draperies installed in your home:

  • Draperies are durable – custom draperies manufactured from high-quality materials can last up to 2 or 3 times longer than ready-made products purchased off the shelf. Our craftsmanship and the quality of our workmanship will endure for years to come.
  • Draperies are great insulators – although Florida winters don’t get that cold, our drapery product line-up can help make your home more energy-efficient by keeping cold out in winter and the heat out in summer.
  • Draperies are not only practical, but they’re also versatile – when you work with the Decosol drapery specialists, they will transform your living space into an area that you’ll always be proud of. We take your architecture, room colors, and the type of furniture you have into consideration when designing your
  • Draperies enhance your curb appeal – these window coverings are not vanity, as they can enhance your home’s curb appeal and positively affect your mood. When your living space is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, it will also enhance your mood.
  • Draperies just fit – you can always go to a big box home improvement store and buy generic draperies in different colors and materials, but they’ll never look as good as what we, the Decosol specialists, design when it comes to matching your unique needs, personality, and style.

Our custom draperies are manufactured from the highest quality materials available on the market today.  For more information about our custom drapery services, contact Decosol today at 305-994-7656.

Stationary Ripple fold drapery curtain panels
Stationary Drapery Panels


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