Custom Plantation Shutters

Interior Plantation Shutters have been coined as “The Gold Standard” of window treatments. This popular window treatment solution offers many benefits beyond its aesthetics. These benefits include privacy, light control, child safety, and low maintenance, and can even increase your overall property value due to their durability and lifespan.

Decosol Inc, your Plantation Shutter Expert in Miami, offers a wide array of custom interior shutter options to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. You might also check out our Blinds and Shades for more information.


Hardwood Plantation Shutters

Our natural hardwood plantation shutters have the essence of the traditional plantation shutter, with the benefits of modern design. Made of only the highest quality and durable woods, our wooden shutters are built to last.

These wooden shutters are the peak of craftsmanship and are made from 100% natural hardwood and boast everyday beauty and long-term performance.

Customize your own color or choose from more than 35 available finishes.


Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite or Faux Wood Shutters are a modern take on the traditional interior plantation shutter. Offering the look and feel of traditional hardwood shutters with extra benefits. Composite Plantation Shutters comprise durable materials (such as PV or Vynil) designed to never warp, crack or fade and are built to endure moist and humid environments.


Specialty Shaped Plantation Shutters

Special-shaped windows can be challenging to cover. Decosol, Inc can specially design a shutter solution to cover your arched, pointed, slanted, round windows and more.


Motorized Plantation Shutters

Just when you thought plantation shutters couldn’t get any better. Ask us about our motorized plantation shutter options today!



From classic plantation shutters to contemporary styles, schedule a free in-home consultation with our experienced designers.
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